orbit novel

Orbit: The first Novel About Space [Part 1]

Title: Orbit
Author: John Nance
Publish Date: 2006
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Type: Novel
Genre: Sci-Fi
Sub-Genre: Spacecraft, Space Travel, Advanced Technology, Computers

Plot Summary

Kip Dawson, at the tail end of a failing marriage, enters a contest to win a trip into orbit. He wins and winds up on a spacecraft orbiting the Earth. The one other person in the craft passes away through an unexpected accident and Kip is left to fend for himself.

That same accident rendered all communications between the craft and mission control inactive, and the life support will only last a short time. Kip knows it. Wanting to leave his story to those that find his expired body in the future, he finds a notebook computer with a program that lets him write his thoughts for his future rescuers to see when they recover the craft and his body.

Unknown to Kip, every word that he writes is being sent back to Earth and a hacker has found that broadcast and tapped into it. Soon, the entire world is watching and reading every sentence he enters, from what happened, to his exploits as a teenager.

He knows he has only a few days to live, and the words he types are honest and very telling. And now, in this case, when Kip talks… people listen.


American Space Adventures has held a contest on the Internet for someone to win a seat on one of the regular trips into low Earth orbit.

Kip entered and won and as he prepared for his trip, he got the guilt trip from his wife. A wife that had, for quite some time, been a part of their failing–if not already failed–marriage. She wasn’t going to beat him down this time and strip away his dream. It was going to happen.

He arrives at ASA and goes through the pre-flight training for a couple weeks. Once ready, he boards the craft for the trip of a lifetime. It was supposed to be him and three other paying passengers, but the others had last minute emergencies leaving him alone as a passenger and the pilot.

Shortly after achieving orbit, an accident occurs which takes out all two-way communication between the craft and the Earth. It also takes out the pilot leaving Kip alone to try and save himself, since he knows from the training he received there will be no rescue attempts.

He finds a notebook computer and begins writing his biography, going into great detail about how he arrived in his situation, his marriage, and his conquests and loves during his hormone-filled teenage years.

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