Types Of Clauses in Essay

In your second independent clause joined by and so there  your compound what do they think that the adjure Attorney General has a duty to investigate so noun clause as object to think to independence one dependent basic compound complex sentence elaborate just start loading information in it more clauses more phrases more modifiers etc although many legal experts believe that her story is credible and that the Attorney General has a duty to investigate so I that is is credible and that the Attorney General so to noun clauses as objects to believe all inside an adverb clause beginning with although most of them also understand there  your independent clause what another noun clause that inside the noun clause I have again an adverb clause.

If that if the details of the story were made public it would ruin the careers of many of the nation  top politicians now I have another adjective clause about politicians many of whose names have been linked to the scandal so and now I have another compound another independent with a compound with a coordinating conjunction so they want this investigation to be conducted in private and handled internally now again if you want to try to write these kinds of sentences absolutely try it practice but remember it takes practice and just be very careful if you want if you  not sure that everything is full and correct and proper first thing you want to do is count all your verbs for every tense verb not infinitive that two verbs or base verbs know all tense verbs the ones that take a time past present future make sure that you have a subject to go with them if you don’t something  missing okay now then make sure that every subject and verb subject and verb combination is part of one Clause.

So if you have so many clauses make sure that you have the Clause conjunctions like although or that or if or which right so everything has to have a proper place a proper structure and everything has to work together and everything has to be logically connected right if the reader is reading and gets lost halfway through your sentence you’ve written a bad sentence if you’ve written a bad sentence you’ve written a bad paragraph if you’ve written a bad paragraph you’ve written a bad essay okay everything is connected to everything else you have to be very careful about this now again the main the main thing I want you to take away from this particular lesson is not to try to write long sentences like this I want you to be able to read long sentences like they and understand exactly what is happening what the subjects are what the verbs are what the independent clauses are what the core message is what the external message or messages are okay so a little bit tricky a little bit complicated it just takes practice.