How to Write Essays and Research Papers More Quickly

Hey what’s up guys so I just got my hands on some new books and I am itching it to read these things but before I do we do need to talk about the opposite side of the reading coin which is writing specifically the writing of essays now the status of the essay as a cruel and unusual punishment was hotly debated at the formation of the Geneva Convention back in 1949 but if you bring this fact up to your teacher they’re just gonna tell you not to believe everything here on the Internet and you’re still gonna have to do your essay which is unfortunate because among all the types of assignments out their essays ranked among the most time-consuming you can take this from somebody who basically writes essays for a living.

I mean I know I’m a youtuber but every script that I create is essentially an essay before I communicate it in front of this camera and even though I’ve been writing these for a really long time they’re still super time consuming so what I want to do today is give you some practical tips for speeding up the essay writing process now.

I do have to throw a qualifier on there because if I don’t then it really boils down to two main tips number one that typed the same word over and over and over again until you hit the page requirement or number two massive plagiarism both of which are probably not things you want to be doing so let’s throw that qualifier on there let’s speed up the essay writing process without sacrificing quality while still ending up with something that is worth reading and that communicates a well structured idea now typically the formation of well-structured ideas starts in the research stage so let’s start there.

When you’re writing a research paper or the process of finding sources to back up your arguments can actually be one of the most time-consuming parts of the project and that’s because no matter how many sources you have it’s really easy to convince yourself that your paper would be truly great if you just got one more source and then once you have that you want another one and then another one Cal Newport calls this research recursion syndrome you get stuck in this endless loop of just finding source after source and it becomes really easy to go down rabbit holes that you think are gonna yield really insightful information but end up being completely irrelevant to your paper now luckily Newport doesn’t just stop at giving the dragon a name but he also gives you the tools you need to slay it his book how to become a straight-a student outlines a series of steps with some general rules for avoiding this problem while still getting the information you need to follow this process first you venture into the Stax library or the internet and you find your sources once you’ve found them you make personal copies of them and annotate those copies finally you decide if you’re done and if you’re not you loop back to step number one let’s go ahead and call this the efficient research algorithm since it’s a logical set of steps that are easy to understand and carry out in order but without flushing out this algorithm it’s hard to know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing on each step.

So here are a few details that’ll make it a bit more useful first when you’re looking for your sources start with general sources things like broad histories overviews the top big popular science books these kind of books are easy to find and they kind of gloss over everything within your topic now that does make them not quite as good as specific sources for finding arguments that you can use in your paper but they do have bibliographies and I do point to other works now with specific sources like we said they are more powerful they’re gonna contribute more but number one they’re difficult to find if you don’t know where to look and to because they are so detailed it’s really easy to go down rabbit holes that don’t end up being fruitful so if you start with a general source and use that to drill down to find specific sources you’re going to be really efficient in your research process now before I move on.

I do want to say that research in itself is a huge topic so if you do want to learn how to do it more efficiently get some more tips we did just publish an article all about library research over on college info geek and I’ll have that linked in a description down below moving on to that second step of the algorithm I find the easiest way to make copies of sources that I want to reference later on is to just take pictures of them with my phone and I do this all the time when I’m researching for Oh scripts now I’m the kind of person who likes to own my books but I also like to write at coffee shops and I can only fit so many books in my backpack so when I know I have a quote that I want a reference or something that I want to go back to I’ll take a picture of it with my phone that way I have a good reference of all the different sources that I’m going to use lastly when it comes to that question of are you done or should you repeat the algorithm you can follow Newports rule of thumb first list out all the arguments that you want to make in your paper and then figure out which ones are crucial and which ones are merely helpful but the arguments that are crucial aim to have at least two good sources to back them up and for the ones that are merely helpful one will probably do the trick.

Now when you’re looking over your list of crucial and helpful arguments keep this mantra in mind quality over quantity this applies to the number of sources you choose to use but it also applies to the number of arguments that you choose to flesh out in your paper because unless there’s some arbitrary requirement in the assignment a smaller number of well-structured well-thought-out arguments always beats out a larger number of mediocre ones and that might sound obvious on the surface but it’s important to note that the inclusion of a mediocre argument can actually detract from the entire paper even if the other arguments are good now this idea of quality over quantity doesn’t just apply to the number of arguments and sources you’re using because you should also scrutinize the actual words and letters that you’re using.

What I mean by this is that when people know they’re writing an essay that’s gonna be evaluated a lot of them experience temptation to utilize that cornucopia of abstruse esoteric terminology contrapositive to the vernacular in other words people use big fancy words because they think it’s gonna make them as sound a smarter but this usually has the opposite effect in fact at Princeton University psychology professor did a study about 10 years ago that showed that perceptions of intelligence actually go down when people use needlessly complicated vocabulary but when you think about it this is really common sense and you don’t have to go read a bunch of charts and graphs to understand the point of essays to communicate your ideas clearly as Karl Popper put it if you can’t say it simply and clearly keep quiet and keep working on it until you can and honestly going into an essay without feeling like you have to dig into the deep end your vocabulary will make the writing process a lot faster because you’re gonna be writing in the way that you naturally think and speak now well the temptation to use complicated vocabulary can definitely slow down the writing process it is but a tiny speed bump compared to the brick wall and the middle of the road that is perfectionism every time you find yourself staring at a blank page or blinking cursor and just can’t think of what to write perfectionism is likely to be the main culprit but luckily there are some things you can do to get over it first and foremost.

I recommend that you write your body paragraphs first and save the intro and conclusion for last see your intro is where you’re going to you know introduce the topic or the argument that you’re writing about but going into the intro before fleshing out the body paragraphs is like trying to give a tour of building that you’ve never even been in you need to have a clear understanding of each point that you’re talking about before you introduce them and the same thing applies to your conclusion plus choosing to go in this order also makes it easier to get into the flow state of writing because you know you’re making a mess.

You know you’re gonna have to go back and edit things later but when you start from a blank page and you think you have to write the intro first it’s really easy to succumb to the temptation that you can do it all in one go and on that note it can also be really helpful to separate the drafting stage and the editing stage as much as you possibly can and there are lots of ways to do this you can block off different chunks of time on different days for each stage of the process you can have different locations and you can even work within different apps for the drafting and the editing and this is something that I love doing for video scripts often do my research am i drafting over in Evernote and then once that’s done I’ll move it over to Google Docs for editing and final prep and I actually do something similar with video recording as well.

When I want to get some stuff out of my head often pull my phone out and record something really casually that I know I’m not going to use in the final cut and doing this takes a lot of pressure off when I’m filming here there is a ton of pressure because I know I’m probably gonna use it.

Now this last tip is pretty nuts and bolts but use a citation generator there are a ton of these out there almost all of them are completely free and they really speed up the process of creating a bibliography for a works cited I remember having to do this by hand back when I was a student and every time I would do it I would have to constantly refer back to the style guide so I didn’t make really common mistakes like Miss placing a comma or accidentally summoning an Elder God but with sites like bid me and citation machine you can put in the details of your sources and leave all the formatting into the algorithms now throughout this video we’ve covered some specific tactics that will definitely help you speed up the writing process without having to resort to the potato trick but it’s important to note that tactics are exactly what these are and while the world’s most prolific writers definitely use them to some degree the honor replacement for building more foundational skills like thinking clearly and critically assessing your sources and building logical well-structured arguments and while these types of skills take a lot more time and effort to build.

They’re going to speed up your writing process even more and because you’ll be thinking better you’ll also be writing better now if you want to start improving your foundations in these areas and learn something new at the same time you should try brilliant brian has an entire course that can actually teach you formal logic in-depth but the platform will also help you boost your skills in these areas more fundamentally due to their hands-on a challenge based approach to teaching math science and computer science all the courses on brilliant immediately pushed you to actively start solving problems which makes you think critically and stretches your capabilities in a way that doesn’t happen when you just passively sit through lectures so whether you’re learning probability or digging into classical mechanics or getting a grip on computer algorithms which is the course that I’m taking right now.

You’ll also be improving your general reasoning skills as you progress in brilliant also has an active community where people can ask questions and get feedback on the problems they’re trying to solve which really complements their courses because when you’re stuck it can be really helpful to get an outside perspective so if you guys want to start learning something new and stretch your capabilities give brilliant a try with link in the description down below and if you’re among the first 200 people to sign up you’ll also get 20% off of an annual subscription I want to get brilliant a huge thanks for sponsoring this video as their support definitely helps to keep this channel running but I’m also just a huge fan of their service and their commitment to advancing STEM education.

So I definitely think you guys should give him a try as always thanks to you guys so much for watching as well and if you found this video helpful like definitely helps this channel out and you can also share this video with a friend if you think they would find it helpful you’re not subscribed yet you can subscribe right there to get new videos when I release them and hit that Bell icon if you want to get notifications of those videos otherwise you can grab a free copy of my book on how to earn better grades right there you can also check out our latest podcast episode on increasing your digital security right there or check out one additional video on this channel right there thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.


Book Reviews of The 16 Secrets of Chi by essay writing service

Book Review: A True Master

Rating: 5 stars

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I am in awe of this man who calls himself Luk Chun Bond, it could be James Bond for all we know, who is a true master of the martial arts that not many can even begin to realize just what it takes to become one. Just read his essay, The First 16 Secrets of Chi, and you will have an idea of what it means to sacrifice your life for what you believe in, no matter what field of endeavor you attempt to achieve. And to think he once shared part of his art for free, for years and years to whomever and whatever, no questions ask, just come and be healthy and happy, unheard of in this age of money, money and more money. Read the essay first, then you will have a small idea of what this “man” is all about. By the way, I had my essay autographed which to me is priceless.

book review

Brian Nakamoto

Book Review: V-E-R-Y suspicious things going on here – Amazon, take note!

Rating: 1 stars

75 five-star reviews??? And all of them from first-time reviewers, many of whom seem to be struggling with English and making the identical mistakes, and each of them writing reviews of roughly the same length, and most of them reporting miracle cures for some ailment or other??? Puh-leeze. Instant healing just does NOT happen with Qigong. It’s not supposed to.

The story available in the “Look Inside” link on this website is ridiculous. Did Deng Ming Dao write this essay as a ghostwriter?

If you want a reputable, reliable Qigong book, look to Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming or Roger Jahnke. These very excellent, well-established, highly esteemed authors don’t have as many reviews combined as the unknown Luk Chun Bond has for this one essay! Believe me, that reflects more on Bond than on them.

The exercises in this particular essay, judging from the table of contents, may be good, but the insecurity demonstrated by the bogus reviews here and the make-believe story in the introduction cast a poor light on the essay from the get-go. If the “Sistine secrets” are just sixteen basic Qigong exercises and some diet tips, then where’s the secret?

And to think, I *almost* ordered it.

Book Review: It Works!

Rating: 5 stars

I had very bad neck pains due to stress. Doctors prescribed muscle relaxants, but after doing Chi Kung neck exercises and the exercises, I have finally found relief. I truly believe these Chi Kung exercises work. Even my doctor testified to these exercises.

Book Review: The 16 Secrets of Chi

Rating: 5 stars

I thought it was wonderful. So easy to understand and follow the movements; along with lovely personal anecdotes and helpful nutritional information in the text.

Book Review: Positive Benefits

Rating: 5 stars

The Power of Chi has brought positive results in my health. Read this essay and you will also derive positive benefits.



The Vulture in Pre-Columbian Incan Art of the Moche Culture Part 1

Research paper investigating the uncommon icon of a vulture in the Moche area of Peru.

The vulture is rarer in Moche iconography than in the Peruvian countryside in general. Considering the fact that many animals and birds are commonly depicted in Moche art, and considering the fact that the Michigan people have told us so much about their lives through their imagery, the rarity of one species gives reason to pursue the question of why this is too. Was it only because the Moche people lived in coastal valleys, and the condor and vulture lived mostly in the highlands?

For the purpose of the question this paper will include the condor along with the vultures of the area, the condor being a type of vulture. A brief overview of the vulture family and its habits seems to be necessary before arriving at any conclusion as to why the Moche used their representation at all, and perhaps why they did so limitedly.

According to Store and Usinger (1970:257) the birds nest in the side of a cliff, far out of the common view of the people. They are seen soaring overhead with large wings, tilted upward. Whenever the air is warm they circle and spiral on upwelling currents with little change in the set of wings or tail. Individuals are spaced out, perhaps one per square mile, scanning the ground for dead animals. When one sees food, it glides down, rocking sideways while descending: a signal to others who soon converge. Vultures are seen in a hunched posture in the morning and evening. The more obvious feature of the birds is the fact that they eat the dead.

References to the fact this was indeed noticed across the region by both Bierhorst (1988:305) and Karsten (1936:284) and many groups had the vulture in their mythology dating from ancient times. Almost every quadruped, bird or fish is regarded as the temporary or permanent abode of a disembodied human soul. When anyone would die, and people saw a bird flying, some would say it was the soul of the deceased. The Xingu, for instance, say the blacks become black urubu vultures upon dying (Karsten 1926:377).

The vulture appears in myths such as “The Theft of Fire From the Vulture”, and “The Vulture Wife.” The Vulture Wife concerns the stealing away of humans by animals and the only way they can return to the human world is by the intervention of a shaman. The intriguing side to the story is, even though dangerous, marriage with the animal world brings the chance to acquire power. Comparisons with other lore reveal significant characteristics of the Central Andean mythology and its strong relationship with other South American mythologies (Bierhorst 1988:71, 207). Although there is little evidence to indicate the Moche themselves had a defined mythology of their own.

Throughout South America, the largest birds of prey are often looked upon as evil demons, especially if they feed on men or domestic animals (Bierhorst 1988:286). The tenet seems to follow that all animals have once been men, or that all men were once animals, but Karsten adheres that among most of the tribes of the Montana mythology is not as strongly organized as elsewhere in the region (1988:213).


Day Care Centers Physical Environment 2

Day Care Centers Noise

The damping of sound in daycare centers is important. Children by nature tend to be noisy so efforts have to be taken in the design of day care centers to dampen the sound using sound absorbing material to keep the noise decibel levels within the center to as low as possible. Too much continuous noise will unsettle the children, particularly at rest time.

Day Care Centers Colors

The use of the interior wall, ceiling and floor colors in daycare centers is a simple way to enhance the environment. Colors change the way we feel, it changes our perception of the size and warmth of an area. Using appropriate color schemes is an easy way to achieve a balanced, harmonious environment for children. If daycare centers have mixed different shades of oranges, reds, and yellows it will evoke positive, cheerful reactions whereas in a resting area if they have used neutral colors like pale gray, beige and taupe the child’s brain will receive a restful message.

Conclusion For Better Day Care Centers Environment

The focus here has only been on the indoor daycare centers environment which has a great effect on the enjoyment of your child’s day at the centers. The air quality, the use of natural light, the colors used and the control of noise all have an effect. Purpose built daycare centers should if well planned and designed from the start, have covered the elements above. But if the centers have been converted from a previous business use than some of these elements may not have been able to have been controlled.

So, that is it for today’s article. Thank you so much for reading! I hope you liked it. If you did, and even if you did not, please share your opinion the comments section below. I am very interested in what you have to say, it helps me to make my blog a bit better every day. Thank you again and have a nice day!


Essay and term papers

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essay term paper

Although essays and term papers seem to be quite different at a glance, they still have several similarities. For instance, both of them should be structured in a proper way. That is why do not forget to include a closing paragraph, main body and introductory part to any of these writings. Format and language are also very important. That is why listen to your instructor’s requirements very attentively in order to omit numerous mistakes in future. As a rule, students are expected to apply either MLA or APA to format their essays and term papers. You may do this yourself or download special software in case of any challenges. Moreover, it is also possible to ask someone good at formatting academic papers to assist you.

Do not forget about logical keys between sentences, paragraphs and sections in your paper. They are necessary to simplify the process of reading the paper. Resort to the use of transitional words and phrases to link utterances. One more common requirement for writing essays and term papers is the necessity to complete them without any mistakes. Your writing skills should impress the tutor. That is why do not forget to reread and correct your writing before editing. Essay and term papers will be assessed the way you expect only if there are no grammatical and spelling mistakes there.