Rewriting The Question

In this session we’re going to look at how to analyze an essay or assignment question how to plan your assignment and how to write it in an academic style before we start it’s probably worth bearing in mind the features of a good academic essay first it might seem obvious but a good academic essay answers the question set it allows you to demonstrate your understanding of a subject not just your knowledge but your ability to apply that knowledge a good academic essay will also be well argued with fully referenced evidence when you first get your assignment briefing spend some time thinking about the question read it go away have a think about it come back read it again make sure you are really clear about what the lecturer is asking you to do in this assignment. Get useful tips for your assignment at Edusson.

One way to do this is to try rewriting the question in your own words this also helps ensure that you answer all of the question and don’t just concentrate on one part and forget about another one way to understand the question is to break it down into sections try to identify subject words what is this assignment about then look for focus words what particular part of the subject is the lecturer want me to concentrate on and finally look for tasks or directive words what does the lecturer actually want me to do do they want me to be descriptive analytical or critical okay let’s have a go at breaking down this assignment title take a couple of moments to have a look and identify the subject focus and task words okay in this assignment the subject words are global warming the lecture would like you to concentrate or focus on the principal causes of global warming they’re not so concerned with things such as the effect of global warming finally what they lecture wants you to do is to discuss you should now have a fairly clear idea of what the question is what the lecture wants from you.

It’s now time to start getting some of your ideas down on paper students use lots of different ways to get their ideas down on paper some might use spider diagrams mind maps question banks in a question Bank you formulate a list of questions that you hope your assignment will address getting your ideas down on paper helps make sure that you’re clear about what you’re going to include in your assignment what further research you might need to do and it also helps you start to think about how you might structure your essay now that you have a clearer idea of the information you need for your assignment you need to think about where you might look for this information books provide an overview and an introduction to a subject area you can identify suitable books using our library catalog summon journal articles are more specific more detailed treatments of a subject area they often assume some prior knowledge.