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Book Review: A True Master

Rating: 5 stars

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I am in awe of this man who calls himself Luk Chun Bond, it could be James Bond for all we know, who is a true master of the martial arts that not many can even begin to realize just what it takes to become one. Just read his essay, The First 16 Secrets of Chi, and you will have an idea of what it means to sacrifice your life for what you believe in, no matter what field of endeavor you attempt to achieve. And to think he once shared part of his art for free, for years and years to whomever and whatever, no questions ask, just come and be healthy and happy, unheard of in this age of money, money and more money. Read the essay first, then you will have a small idea of what this “man” is all about. By the way, I had my essay autographed which to me is priceless.

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Brian Nakamoto

Book Review: V-E-R-Y suspicious things going on here – Amazon, take note!

Rating: 1 stars

75 five-star reviews??? And all of them from first-time reviewers, many of whom seem to be struggling with English and making the identical mistakes, and each of them writing reviews of roughly the same length, and most of them reporting miracle cures for some ailment or other??? Puh-leeze. Instant healing just does NOT happen with Qigong. It’s not supposed to.

The story available in the “Look Inside” link on this website is ridiculous. Did Deng Ming Dao write this essay as a ghostwriter?

If you want a reputable, reliable Qigong book, look to Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming or Roger Jahnke. These very excellent, well-established, highly esteemed authors don’t have as many reviews combined as the unknown Luk Chun Bond has for this one essay! Believe me, that reflects more on Bond than on them.

The exercises in this particular essay, judging from the table of contents, may be good, but the insecurity demonstrated by the bogus reviews here and the make-believe story in the introduction cast a poor light on the essay from the get-go. If the “Sistine secrets” are just sixteen basic Qigong exercises and some diet tips, then where’s the secret?

And to think, I *almost* ordered it.

Book Review: It Works!

Rating: 5 stars

I had very bad neck pains due to stress. Doctors prescribed muscle relaxants, but after doing Chi Kung neck exercises and the exercises, I have finally found relief. I truly believe these Chi Kung exercises work. Even my doctor testified to these exercises.

Book Review: The 16 Secrets of Chi

Rating: 5 stars

I thought it was wonderful. So easy to understand and follow the movements; along with lovely personal anecdotes and helpful nutritional information in the text.

Book Review: Positive Benefits

Rating: 5 stars

The Power of Chi has brought positive results in my health. Read this essay and you will also derive positive benefits.